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200 years of Dairy Goodness!  

The reasons for Australia's success in dairy trade are simple. The coastal and high rainfall areas of Australia have natural resources that are ideal for dairy farming - a warm temperate climate, abundant open spaces and ample supplies of clean fresh water. Today's typical dairy farm occupies around 180 hectares, or 450 acres. It has fresh open pasture, excellent water systems and favourable weather conditions that allow cattle to graze leisurely all year round.

The keys to export success are found in our production efficiencies at farm and factory level, a world class support infrastructure, and an international reputation for environmentally friendly and natural dairy production systems. 

This 'free range' farming system produces the liquid milk from which all Australia's dairy products are made. Unlike countries that rely on artificial or feedlot-based dairying, our year round pasture grazing uniquely positions Australia as a natural producer of quality, fresh, dairy goodness. All products start from dairy herds that have been raised and reared in Australia without the use of banned antibiotics, steroids or growth hormone. These cattle are also certified to be free from BSE, the cattle graze on rich pastures to obtain the best possible milk.

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